Definition of up in the air in US English:

up in the air


  • (of a plan or issue) still to be settled; unresolved.

    ‘the fate of the power station is up in the air’
    • ‘He's now in his final year of study and the future is still a bit up in the air.’
    • ‘It's still up in the air because the file folders in which we found them had no labels.’
    • ‘What happens beyond that or where it will take place is as up in the air as his plans in high school.’
    • ‘Its own future is in doubt at this point and sources suggest the situation is now totally up in the air.’
    • ‘Is there going to be resolution this week, or is it going to be left up in the air as it has been in the past?’
    • ‘It doesn't look good for the democrats at the moment, but it's still up in the air.’
    • ‘The future of the women's volleyball team is up in the air as it is the final season for many of the players.’
    • ‘Nothing was happening, the whole thing was up in the air and was a complete shambles.’
    • ‘As the company has just recently changed hands and still seems to be up in the air, I don't know who to contact about it.’
    • ‘At this stage his future is very much up in the air as is the possibility of him remaining a United player.’
    uncertain, unknown, undetermined, unsettled, unresolved, unsure, pending, in the balance, in limbo, in no man's land, debatable, open to question, in doubt
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