Definition of up in arms in US English:

up in arms


  • Protesting vigorously about something.

    ‘teachers are up in arms about new school tests’
    • ‘Punters who had backed the horse were, with good reason, up in arms.’
    • ‘The greens are up in arms against allowing construction so close to lakes.’
    • ‘Angry residents are up in arms following new proposals to build 14 flats on a former petrol station site in Rawdon.’
    • ‘Angry road hauliers in Laois are up in arms about the costs associated with their businesses.’
    • ‘Residents in Willington are up in arms over a building development plan which, they say, will triple the size of the village.’
    • ‘Now, the Labour Party is up in arms against a Thatcher state funeral.’
    • ‘Portlaoise town councillors are up in arms over what they perceive as a diminution of the powers of the town council.’
    • ‘At the other extreme, Manchester United fans are up in arms at the idea of Malcolm Glazer buying their club and running it as a business.’
    • ‘This is why many are up in arms to defend their interests, with others willing to go all the way in their call for reform and change.’
    • ‘The residents of Castledermot continue to be up in arms over plans to turn an area of the village known as The Green into a car park.’
    • ‘Parents and teachers are up in arms over whether a peace banner is political, and whether peace should be promoted in schools.’
    • ‘A lot of Christians are up in arms about this, and for once I agree with them, at least in part.’
    • ‘Angry residents are up in arms after railway engineering works caused sleepless nights.’
    • ‘Activists are up in arms over a Bush proposal to allow nuclear reactors in spacecraft.’
    • ‘Residents and parents who reside on the Mountain Road are up in arms over the dangers posed by speeding traffic.’
    • ‘Angry farmers are up in arms after plans to build a new livestock market were thrown out.’
    • ‘Angry residents are up in arms over a proposal to site a giant mobile phone mast near their homes.’
    • ‘Traders in Havefordwest's top of town are up in arms at the lack of notice given to them over the closure of Market Street to traffic.’
    • ‘Why aren't the liberal classes up in arms about Zimbabwe and Darfur?’
    • ‘People are up in arms about Amazon being awarded a patent for their affiliates program.’
    irate, annoyed, cross, vexed, irritated, exasperated, indignant, aggrieved, irked, piqued, displeased, provoked, galled, resentful
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