Definition of unwrinkled in US English:



  • (especially of fabric or a person's skin) free from wrinkles.

    • ‘Amid such unwrinkled faces, the dreaded ‘veteran’ tag will be pinned assuredly on his shirt.’
    • ‘Amelia walked back over to her throne with a small smile on her unwrinkled face.’
    • ‘This person, obviously the on-call doctor, is easy to identify by his unwrinkled shirt and his poorly disguised look of agony, often seen in paratroopers who forget to attach their chute to the static line.’
    • ‘She flopped down onto her bed, obviously abandoning any intentions of keeping her dress and caped unwrinkled.’
    • ‘True, she was rather old, but she was unwrinkled and stood up straight and tall.’
    • ‘A ten minute wallow in a facial mud pack was followed by lift-off and, hey presto, I had the visage of a smiling, contented unwrinkled baby.’
    • ‘It was one of the few dresses that I had managed to save from the fire, untouched by flame and perfectly intact and unwrinkled.’
    • ‘His blue dress uniform was unwrinkled and perfect.’
    • ‘For example, an upholstered piece measures up if the inner padding and springs aren't discernible, and if taut, unwrinkled fabric smoothly wraps the contours.’
    • ‘He was handsomely Celtic, unwrinkled in old age, and his lifelong love of the outdoors gave him a permanent tan.’
    • ‘Clean, unwrinkled clothing is very important to urban working-class people.’
    • ‘For a seven-year-old boy, he kept his black jeans incredibly clean and unwrinkled.’
    • ‘He was a handsome man at six feet tall, with a head full of light brown hair and unwrinkled skin.’
    • ‘When shopping for blueberries at market, choose the ones that appear plump, unwrinkled and free of leaves and stems.’
    • ‘Her sleek dark brown hair is pulled back into a resolute bun yet has become slightly disheveled and a few stray strands rest on her unwrinkled forehead.’
    • ‘It should be a little loose all round, just enough to sit flat against the top of the chest and the upper back, hang nicely and look comfortable and unwrinkled.’
    • ‘Here, women of a certain age parade improbably large and pert bosoms encased in lime-green body suits, suspiciously taut, unwrinkled, expressionless faces, and very aged, very rich husbands on the terrace.’
    • ‘There was a chair to one side of the door and in it sat a polished woman with gleaming blonde hair in soft, unwrinkled clothes.’
    • ‘His clothes were clean and unwrinkled, and his dark brown hair was combed neatly, a complete opposite of the person laying sideways on the stage next to him.’
    • ‘Barbie, that plastic icon of childish femininity, has appeared in many guises over a long but curiously unwrinkled life.’
    flat, smooth, uniform, featureless, unbroken, undamaged
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