Definition of unworthiness in US English:



  • See unworthy

    • ‘From these letters we learn of his constant anxiety about conducting, his sense of unworthiness and deficiency, almost crippling, until the moment he stepped before the orchestra, transcending time and place.’
    • ‘It is an indication of the unworthiness of the Federal ALP to govern that it would break ranks with its state counterparts, stoop to dealing with anti-gay hate groups, and exchange vows with the Coalition on the alter of bigotry.’
    • ‘Not only would they save Scotland's capital city from irreversible destruction, but they might also spare Edinburgh the embarrassment of being exposed before Unesco as an example of sheer hypocrisy and unworthiness.’
    • ‘Markets are similar in their unworthiness, and articulating the case against them is even more important because markets have so much more support around the world - even on the left.’
    • ‘Throughout the film she feels that Howl would not love her because she isn't a pretty girl, and the removal of her hair is symbolic of her letting go of her own low self-esteem and feelings of unworthiness.’