Definition of unwitnessed in US English:



  • (especially of an event) not witnessed.

    • ‘Infants can be traumatically injured in many ways, and many instances are unwitnessed.’
    • ‘Howling through the silent town at night on his Harley-Davidson, the motorcyclist must believe himself analogous to the tree that falls silently in the forest because it falls unwitnessed.’
    • ‘On his part, Dolly cannot sign away his property with a casual, unwitnessed, letter.’
    • ‘The most unsettling aspect of geological deep time was the loneliness of pre-Adamic history, a time span of many millions of years that had gone unwitnessed by human eyes.’
    • ‘This gap in her memory will continue to leave the event unwitnessed, keeping her fractured self alienated and whirling in a confused temporality, a fractured chronology.’
    • ‘Suffering that goes unwitnessed eventually erodes self-witness, until the suffering exists not in a state of repression but in a limbo of habituation where one even stops noticing that one has stopped noticing.’
    • ‘This is perhaps most striking in Venezuela, where politics and society have been militarized to an extent unwitnessed since the restoration of democracy in 1958.’
    • ‘The closest beaches then are in raucous Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, or Pacific Beach, where coming in even at 3 a.m. would be difficult unwitnessed.’
    • ‘Time of arrest is unreliable for arrest witnessed by bystanders and unavailable for unwitnessed arrests, and time of first shock is irrelevant to patients who do not receive shocks.’
    • ‘A prospective, case-control study that focused on modifiable factors reported that unwitnessed aspiration, sedative medication, and the number of comorbidities were associated significantly with pneumonia.’
    • ‘It may be more likely to arise following an enquiry into, for example, the identity of the aggressor in an unwitnessed fight; but it can arise even after an enquiry, aided by good experts, into, for example, the cause of the sinking of a ship.’
    • ‘An unwitnessed codicil to his will stipulated that they should return to Dublin if a permanent home were allocated to them.’
    • ‘He supplied a court, or the Crown supplied a court, a statement that was undated, unsigned and unwitnessed and put that in as evidence and the court accepted it.’
    • ‘In unwitnessed trauma, survivors' expectation that they will not be believed nor have even the right to be believed comes to silence their longing to be believed.’
    • ‘This year we witnessed the unfortunate political vehemence and fury surrounding allowing a patient to die a natural death when she had been in a persistent vegetative state for 15 years after an unwitnessed cardiac arrest.’
    • ‘A codicil to his will expressed his intention of returning the French pictures to Dublin, but it was unwitnessed, creating a long-term legal dispute about their ownership.’
    • ‘And yet, whenever an unwitnessed crime is alleged, such speculation is valid.’
    • ‘Risk factors include poorly controlled convulsions, multiple changes of drug treatment, and poor compliance death occurring unwitnessed often at night for obscure respiratory or cardiac reasons.’
    • ‘Then, at some moment mercifully unwitnessed, an attempt to rise higher, to fly, met by an all but invisible limit, beating wings pinioned, deep instinct denied.’
    • ‘This is particularly important when death is sudden or unwitnessed.’