Definition of unweight in US English:



[with object]
  • Momentarily stop pressing heavily on (a ski or skateboard) in order to make a turn more easily.

    ‘I hesitated for a split second as I unweighted my skis’
    ‘your unweighting keeps the skis floating’
    • ‘Now we come to the backlift or unweighting as it is called.’
    • ‘Tips and tails during unweighting are always lower than the center of the skis prohibiting any attempt at a slide.’
    • ‘Instead of continuing my acceleration for the pass I start slowing my cadence, unweighting the back wheel and making attempts to slow down quick.’
    • ‘Transfer your weight to your right skate, unweighting the left skate so you can lift up your left heel and pivot at the toe.’
    • ‘On skis, get some speed, rise abruptly to unweight your skis and turn both skis sideways by rotating your legs from your hips.’


1930s: back-formation from unweighted.