Definition of unweeded in US English:



  • Not cleared of weeds.

    • ‘You know what Hamlet said about an unweeded garden: ‘Things rank and gross in nature possess it merely.’’
    • ‘It is in this Southern house that the ordered, Southern pastoral is exposed as an unweeded garden.’
    • ‘The Kovar machine has widely spaced, long flexible tines that sometimes deflect sideways away from ridges, leaving narrow strips on each side of the rows unweeded.’
    • ‘In the center of this unweeded and naturally manicured garden, he stood, wearing that nauseatingly saccharine with arrogance grin.’
    • ‘Lawns remained uncut, gardens unweeded and crops languished in the field.’
    • ‘The vines with an average age of 30 years are cultivated in the traditional manner and partially left unweeded.’
    • ‘In O'Hara's opinion there is no bigger turn-off than an overgrown plot and an unweeded driveway.’
    run down, derelict, dilapidated, tumbledown, ramshackle, untended, unmaintained
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