Definition of unwatched in US English:



  • Not looked at or observed.

    • ‘Recently I had a satisfying clear-out of 400 videos and 300 books, about half of them unwatched or unread.’
    • ‘We left the TV muttering in the corner, unheard and unwatched, Graham got out his book, and I wandered into the study, ostensibly to write but actually degrading into an endless sequence of computer patience games.’
    • ‘But the League was all but unwatched outside of Brisbane and Sydney.’
    • ‘They were very jumpy about anything like that happening again, so I didn't believe for a second that they'd let 50 cultists that close to the city just get on with business unwatched.’
    • ‘Climbing the wall was relatively easy but she soon found that the guards did not leave their posts unwatched for long when the sound of footsteps began to come nearer to her.’
    • ‘These activities had gone unwatched for considerable periods and that explained why the financial sector was posting billions of after-tax profits whilst other sectors were making normal profits or losses.’
    • ‘Who would be willing to admit that monitoring screens often flickered forlornly to the soft echoes of slumber or sat in closets unwatched and untended or, even worse, were silent since they weren't even working at all?’
    • ‘The New York Times magazine recently reported that 88 percent of all ads went unwatched when viewers recorded programs using TiVo and ReplayTV, a figure that has marketers quaking.’
    • ‘We are forced to watch scenes contrived by someone's late night imaginings of the way things should have been in romances now past, with requisite confessions of untold secrets and tender kisses of palms and the freedom to dance unwatched.’
    • ‘In the West case, he had previous convictions for sexual assaults but was still allowed - unwatched - to go on to carry out some of the most heinous crimes in British history.’
    • ‘The guy I was talking to responded by telling me the end of the Usual Suspects, which still lies unwatched in my video collection.’
    • ‘All my life, the images of the occupation of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank have flickered on television screens in the corner of my living room, mostly unwatched and unnoticed.’
    • ‘The displays are slowly cycling through what appear to be family digital photographs - an appealing idea, considering many of us let our thousands of digital photos sit unwatched on a computer hard drive.’
    • ‘The superhero fleet spread out so as to surround the new-comers on four sides; the Corporation was known well enough that nobody wanted the ships behind them unwatched.’
    • ‘Bare and open to the merciless view of the afternoon sky, silent and unwatched by all save the ravens, the pit revealed its truths of the men who had gathered there.’
    • ‘Further south at a polling station in Mwenezi, elections had gone unwatched because the official monitor had been arrested as soon as he arrived, and was still in police detention.’
    • ‘You know that we can never have a moment unwatched.’
    • ‘It is hardly the jewel in the crown of his exhaustive and prolific film career, but neither is it a film worth abandoning to the depths of a vault, unappreciated and unwatched by the masses.’
    • ‘I guess if you were trying to go somewhere sneaky, you could always turn the phone off to travel unwatched.’
    • ‘A classic romance drama was playing silently, unwatched and neglected.’
    undefended, unprotected, defenceless, unfortified, unshielded, unarmed
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