Definition of unwatchable in US English:



  • (of a film or television program) too poor, tedious, or disturbing to be viewed.

    ‘it's the flashiness that makes so many films of the 1960s almost unwatchable today’
    • ‘This film is not unwatchable, but it's extremely boring.’
    • ‘None of the problems with the picture are going to make the film unwatchable, but viewers should bear in mind that this will not look like a big-budget flick.’
    • ‘The film teeters between being the most unwatchable and the most watchable film ever.’
    • ‘His TV show is an unwatchable spectacle of rampant egomania.’
    • ‘It's a breathtaking piece of documentary-making - unsettling, disturbing and at times almost unwatchable.’
    • ‘It's a kind of existential revenge film that mixes some almost unwatchable scenes with superb camera movements, a disorienting plot and painterly compositions.’
    • ‘The grain and camcorder quality degrade the already poor material to the point of being unwatchable.’
    • ‘She makes a wince-inducingly misjudged job application as a paralegal and the scene in which she shows up for an interview is an unwatchable masterpiece in grisly black comedy.’
    • ‘Rancid and, in normal terms, unwatchable, these bits of film are gradually fading into nothing in archives away from the light and away from the cinema.’
    • ‘The film itself is unwatchable, but the title always made me smile.’
    • ‘So all of the Quantum Leap episodes I faithfully collected from the BBC are all unwatchable because I've changed recorders twice since then.’
    • ‘The Star Trek franchise paved the way for other science fiction television series, most of which were largely unwatchable.’
    • ‘Some of the films turned out to be unwatchable because the film had decayed or curdled, but most were perfect.’
    • ‘I generally find that most of what they put on those cheap videos of public domain material is unwatchable, ninth-generation prints.’
    • ‘Québec-Montréal is no different except that all the conventions stated above are multiplied to such a degree as to almost make the film unwatchable.’
    • ‘The Decalogue was one of the greatest unwatchable works of film, ever.’
    • ‘Some producer decides that an old show is resurrectable, adds a dash of 21st century realism and the whole thing turns out to be unwatchable.’
    • ‘The shows are far from unwatchable, don't get me wrong, but the poor presentation definitely takes away from the viewing experience.’
    • ‘There are only so many repeat viewings a mildly humorous pro-gramme can withstand before it becomes simply unwatchable.’
    • ‘The first two forgettable films were almost unwatchable, to the point that HBO and Miramax tossed in the towel.’