Definition of unwashed in US English:



  • Not having been washed.

    ‘unwashed dishes in the sink’
    ‘he was unshaven and unwashed’
    • ‘Four heads of unwashed hair (but it cleans itself after a few years!) and a week's worth of unwashed dishes.’
    • ‘Tyler came bearing a tray of bootleg whiskey and gin and poured them drinks in squat glass tumblers stained with unwashed fingerprints.’
    • ‘His clothing was in rags and he was unwashed, hair stained and matted, traces of spittle dried upon his chin and chest.’
    • ‘The house is in disarray, piles of unwashed dishes and unpaid bills are strewn across the dining room table.’
    • ‘At your campsite, never leave dirty dishes unwashed, lying unprotected.’
    • ‘She crept downstairs, her feet sticking to the hardwood floors, through the kitchen with its sink stacked high with unwashed dishes, and down the hall.’
    • ‘At 2,900 yen per night or about €27, it is as cheap as a hostel yet unlike most European hostels, it isn't over-run by unwashed backpackers.’
    • ‘Nearly all wounds became infected, the infection often being transmitted by the surgeons' unwashed hands and instruments.’
    • ‘Irritation at coming home and finding unwashed dishes in the sink after spending three hours cleaning the kitchen yesterday.’
    • ‘Therefore, attached to stem B was one washed line and one unwashed line.’
    • ‘They're usually passed from person to person on unwashed hands and surfaces contaminated by feces.’
    • ‘I could get into the Pavilion, or The Flea Pit as we called it, for the price of two jam jars, washed or unwashed.’
    • ‘The bacteria that causes toxic shock syndrome can be carried on unwashed hands and prompt an infection anywhere on the body.’
    • ‘Picking up an unwashed dish at random, it puzzled him to see that bacteria had failed to colonise around a mysterious mould which had coincidentally appeared.’
    • ‘A trick for eggs was to take them fresh and unwashed from under the hen, smear them with Vaseline, and store them in the bilge.’
    • ‘Washed potatoes often will green more readily than unwashed potatoes.’
    • ‘In my unwashed condition, I would only make them filthy again.’
    • ‘They should be stored in the refrigerator, unwashed, but thoroughly washed before consuming.’
    • ‘I had a bit of a duty call to go and watch a friend in a play, and not just any old tatty fringe show with no set and stinky unwashed costumes, but a proper posh play at the proper posh Edinburgh International Festival.’
    • ‘Drawing nearer we peeped with fascinated horror through the grimy, unwashed windows at the interior still life.’
    dirty, filthy, grubby, grimy, mucky, fouled, foul, impure, adulterated, tainted, tarnished, stained, soiled, begrimed, smeared
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  • the (great) unwashed

    • derogatory The mass or multitude of ordinary people.

      ‘politicians need not answer inconvenient questions if they emanate from the great unwashed’
      • ‘The local landed gentry, when not herding the unwashed through their country piles, go up to town: and that means a trip to their London club, not a Spurriergate shopping spree.’
      • ‘The Samoans are considered by many of the earlier arrivers to Hawaii to be the unwashed, much like the caste system in India.’
      • ‘It can only be a matter of time before there are running street battles to demarcate the boundaries between the Chorlton chosen and the unwashed of Withington and Stretford.’
      • ‘Others were putting up a mediocre fight against the unwashed.’
      • ‘We guess just because you're concentrating on making poverty history doesn't mean you can't enjoy some Pimms roped off from the unwashed.’