Definition of unvirtuous in US English:



  • Not having or showing high moral standards.

    ‘if our actions are unvirtuous the results will be negative’
    • ‘Schadenfreude is an unvirtuous emotion of which we should be ashamed.’
    • ‘The movements condemned goods of foreign provenance, in part by defining them as unnecessary, unpatriotic, and unvirtuous luxuries.’
    • ‘This could result in an unvirtuous downward cycle.’
    • ‘The classical moral categories of action are ethical vs. unethical, just vs. unjust and virtuous vs. unvirtuous.’
    • ‘I don't feel particularly unvirtuous, but on the other hand I don't do an awful lot either.’
    • ‘Here is a city where we've dreamt brilliantly of virtue while doing spectacularly unvirtuous things.’
    • ‘I somehow still feel strangely unvirtuous.’
    • ‘Our famously unwritten constitution does not draw precise lines between the virtuous leak and the unvirtuous one, but most of us can distinguish one from the other when we see them.’