Definition of unvaried in English:



  • Not involving change; monotonous.

    ‘a plain, unvaried diet’
    • ‘Regardless of how strong the testimony is in favour of a given miracle, it can never come close to counterbalancing the overwhelming experience of unvaried laws of nature.’
    • ‘For a further link between ML and MP, suppose we take any sequence data and add a sufficiently large number of unvaried sites.’
    • ‘For quite some time, she has been subjected to unvaried casting.’
    • ‘The music is suitably speedy and moderately complex, a la Venom, but with unvaried dynamics and hairball-in-the-throat ‘singing’ pasted over every song, it becomes an undifferentiated mass of miserabilism.’
    • ‘Beyond the tall, fire belching stacks of Linden and the plain, unvaried flats of Secaucus lies a gentle, fertile garden state called New Jersey.’
    • ‘Halici captures all the quiet desperation of his character, but the unvaried delivery can be monotonous and the acoustics of the space are not sympathetic.’
    • ‘From her very first song ‘Turn me on’, the young singer turned her 10,000-strong audience on, purely by her solitary, unvaried musical style.’
    • ‘Many households consume a monotonous, unvaried diet and so suffer from micronutrient deficiencies.’
    • ‘Neither evaluator identified sentence structure unvaried as a problem in 38 papers.’
    • ‘It was an unvaried terrain of grassy veld, deep erosion ditches and green pastures near the water courses.’
    • ‘Damage from repeated movement of a part of the body when physical routine is unvaried is now categorized as Repetitive Stress Injury.’
    • ‘As some experts have pointed out, he probably became ill because his 30-day diet was so unvaried.’
    • ‘At first, we went slow with this variety, so as to not upset their digestive systems that were so used to the poor and unvaried food they had been fed their entire lives.’
    • ‘In fact, there was nothing but the unvaried sight of vacant lots along quiet streets that, several years earlier, had hummed with activity day and night.’
    • ‘Of course, the role of rhythm and metre in Classical and Romantic music is much more than the mere mechanical preservation of an inflexible beat with an unvaried emphasis at the beginning of every bar, or multiple of two, four, or eight bars.’
    • ‘In both cases, the musical ideas themselves remain essentially unvaried; they are never ‘developed’ in a traditional, symphonic sense.’
    • ‘His unvaried pacing saps what little energy is left.’
    • ‘The graphics are a little bland, the landscapes being rather unvaried snow, desert, or grasslands.’
    • ‘We identified 10 sites that had changed at the node uniting all of the M. iolanthe and M. campbelli sequences and that were unvaried among these four sequences.’
    • ‘The sheer cliff face is composed of a ‘vast stratification of blackish-grey slate, unvaried in its whole height by a single change of shade’.’
    tedious, dull, monotonous
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