Definition of unvanquished in US English:



  • (of an opponent or obstacle) not conquered or overcome.

    ‘the idea of humbling the hitherto unvanquished islanders’
    • ‘Little evidence suggests that Jesse James robbed from the rich and gave to the poor, or that he espoused lofty social ideals, but his folklore image as an unvanquished hero of the defeated South endured.’
    • ‘From Women's Liberation to Gay Liberation, these groups pressed an unvanquished claim to a share of the good life.’
    • ‘Silence prevailed, but then the enormity of his achievement hit the unvanquished soul.’
    • ‘The English still had to reckon with the determined Abenaki tribes in the north, and the yet unvanquished, perennial French enemy in Canada.’
    • ‘Billions die, but the titular American heroes remain unvanquished.’
    • ‘The call for the remembrance of silenced but unvanquished, Mohawk cultural structures rises from this land to Kenny.’
    • ‘While the Chechen resistance remains unvanquished, its political position is weak.’
    • ‘But behind those walls the human spirit is unvanquished.’
    • ‘There is nothing more demoralizing to the torturer, or more inspiring to the enemy he seeks to torture, than the sight of the tortured dying with a smile or even a blessing, physically broken but mentally unvanquished.’
    • ‘As the possibility of critical engagement hangs in the balance, he sits at the bar, unvanquished, formulating the next, undoubtedly entertaining, undoubtedly confounding, postproduction for our consumption.’
    • ‘The myth is that western North Dakota is still the rugged, unvanquished place that shaped our most rugged president.’
    • ‘The object of these Sovfilm productions was to celebrate an unvanquished popular spirit emerging from ruined buildings and lives.’
    • ‘There is not one single facet of your personality or perception of yourself that is left unvanquished.’
    • ‘Lemonade so gentle and fresh-tasting, so unvanquished by overloads of sugar, that you can smell the faint perfume of citrus rind as you bend over your straw.’
    triumphant, conquering, vanquishing, winning, champion, successful, top, first, second to none
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