Definition of unuttered in US English:



  • (of words or thoughts) not spoken or expressed.

    ‘her lips mouthed unuttered thanks’
    • ‘Her lips tight with unuttered curses, she walked softly down the hall, very quickly losing her bearings.’
    • ‘To do justice to the many conflicting and various unuttered messages that were being sent here, you'd rightly have to look at this the way we used to look at the lineups and hierarchies and seating positions on May Day in Red Square.’
    • ‘I think I actually came up with a fresh curse, right then and there, unuttered by anyone before, a unique combination of the sacred and profane.’
    • ‘The word ‘oil’ went virtually unuttered in the course of hours and hours of testimony.’
    • ‘Interpretation is not the reiteration of the text but, rather, the movement of the text beyond itself in fresh, often formerly unuttered ways.’
    • ‘If he has good news to impart it remains unuttered.’
    • ‘That was the essence and beauty of their love: unuttered but understood completely.’
    • ‘The other word left relatively unuttered was ‘Israel.’’
    unstated, unexpressed, unsaid, unmentioned, unvoiced, unarticulated, undeclared, unavowed, not spelt out, mute, silent, wordless, voiceless
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