Definition of unutilized in US English:


(British unutilised)


  • Not used or not used effectively.

    ‘there is very little unutilized space in any school’
    • ‘The problem occurs because unutilized fish resources have value, but cannot be owned or bought.’
    • ‘In a traditional office most of the computing power will sit unutilized on desktops.’
    • ‘A triangle or square, while requiring the minimum number of vantages for sight lines, enclosed too much unutilized space in its corners and presented too large a perimeter.’
    • ‘"We must ensure that we do not let this unprecedented moment in time go unutilized for the dream of a strong, robust and prosperous India", affirmed the President.’
    • ‘There is however an upside to packing more into the small, unutilized spaces of our day.’
    • ‘All unutilized heat rejected from the steam cylinder is carried away from the machine.’
    • ‘Too often, a single shelving unit may sit crammed full with materials, while a lonely corner or area beneath a work table sits empty and unutilized.’
    • ‘The result is a rather extensive inverse letterboxing that renders large portions of the screen unutilized.’
    • ‘Rear channels go largely unutilized, and bass response is average at best.’
    • ‘High stress levels trigger heavy food intake, which is often unutilized by the body due to lack of physical activity.’