Definition of untuned in US English:



  • Not tuned or properly adjusted.

    • ‘It's a good way to injure vocal cords, as well as producing a harsh and untuned sound.’
    • ‘The main fault of ‘Soda Lake’ is the occasional voyage into meandering feedback and untuned sloppiness, which is sometimes irritable rather than endearing if you listen too hard.’
    • ‘Despite riding an untuned bike against many better prepared machines, he finished seventh in the Clubmans' 400 series last year, while he continues to contest the 400 series this season and has so far recorded six podium finishes.’
    • ‘Breaking trail with a heavy pack for more than a few miles was desperate for my young untuned body.’
    • ‘Over the course of the album, his kit never emerges from under an untuned, overcompressed, wet blanket.’
    • ‘The bridge hypothesis, as it has come to be called, posits that fathers’ CDS is closer in form to the untuned language and communication styles that children will encounter with interlocutors outside their immediate families.’
    • ‘A very fine soundtrack shifts from a winsome romanticism in the early moments to the jarring untuned piano notes in the latter fraught stages.’