Definition of untruthfully in US English:



  • See untruthful

    • ‘‘It hadn't crossed my mind,’ I replied untruthfully, with my toes crossed.’
    • ‘When I got one on the phone, I recapped the previous two sessions and said, most untruthfully, that I'd re-installed the old Speedstream modem Verizon had originally equipped me with.’
    • ‘Before people had set off for Auchterarder, a police source had untruthfully informed the media that the organisers had cancelled the march.’
    • ‘Women can of course decline to answer the question or answer it untruthfully.’
    • ‘Parking attendants often continue issuing the ticket after the vehicle has left the scene and then untruthfully write in their logbook that the ticket was FTW (fixed to windscreen) or GTD (given to driver).’