Definition of untruss in English:



  • Untie (a chicken or other bird that has been trussed before cooking)

    ‘untruss the guinea fowl and carve into portions’
    • ‘I always untruss it as I find that it cooks more evenly.’
    • ‘Even as we untruss our pallid, supermarket birds and unthinkingly violate their parson's noses, we buy our children the Chicken Run video and celebrate the birds' mass exodus from a factory farm.’
    • ‘Untruss the chicken and let it cool to room temperature before cooking.’
    • ‘Before untrussing and carving this beauty, use two carving forks to hold it upright over the gravy pan to allow the juice to drip out of its bottom.’


Late Middle English (in the sense ‘free from a pack or burden)’: from un- + truss.