Definition of untried in US English:



  • 1Not yet tested to discover quality or reliability; inexperienced.

    ‘he chose two untried actors for leading roles’
    • ‘Even if you think, as I do, that these are both improvements, I don't think they are reason enough to replace someone who is clearly successful and performing well with somebody untried, just for the sake of it.’
    • ‘He was an untried prime minister in 1999 when, in response to a wave of apartment bombings that carved through Moscow, he sent troops into the province.’
    • ‘I doubted that he'd test an untried legal theory against the nation's biggest gun manufacturers.’
    • ‘The real wildness, it suggests, is here where the great pharmaceutical multinationals have been happily dumping suspect, untried and overpriced drugs onto the vulnerable African market.’
    • ‘For a crop of talented, but untried and inexperienced teenagers he became the man they looked up to above all others.’
    • ‘You are a gambler and an adventurer at heart, one who loves to take risks, to discover and explore new worlds, and to take the untried path rather than the safe, reliable one.’
    • ‘It was, therefore, not merely pleasantly surprising, though hardly world-changing, that a largely untried side directed by the national coach could appear co-ordinated against a capable Denmark on Wednesday.’
    • ‘It is hugely ambitious to have this many acts on the bill and to get decent sound checks, but adding the rehearsing of new numbers and attempting untried collaborations makes it nearly impossible.’
    • ‘The almost untried Belarusian crew, who never got to test their boat speed at Munich, after being disqualified for an underweight boat, took an early lead.’
    • ‘The great compulsory voting experiment is unravelling and all that he (the Elections Minister) can offer is bland reassurance that an untried system will cope.’
    • ‘No matter how experienced, enthusiastic or enterprising entrepreneurs are, any attempt to open a new beauty salon at an untried location is a mighty challenge.’
    • ‘Such has been the growth of Danny's fame that nowadays he could even manage to test the untried waters by charging K30,000 for his show, charges that his peers can only dream of.’
    • ‘In some cases, whole units disappeared, to be replaced by untrained and untried fillers.’
    • ‘In August 1940, however, the virtually untried matrix of technology meshed successfully together.’
    • ‘The result was an unprecedented list of vendors signing on to support this yet untried tape technology.’
    • ‘Although untried and relatively inexperienced, the first-term senator had a near-perfect profile.’
    • ‘And I would argue unethical, to use those existing rules to force an untried, uninsured experimental technology on the public and the environment of the world.’
    • ‘With the youngest manager in the Football League and an untried and tested squad, the pundits were fighting over themselves to measure-up the Minstermen for their relegation coffins.’
    • ‘We were fighting with untried, young horses that weren't ready to go to the Olympics.’
    • ‘The government's main objective in providing this incentive is to attract previously untried methods and technologies into the country.’
    inexpert, unpractised, lacking experience, untrained, untutored, unschooled, unqualified, unskilled, amateur, uninitiated
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  • 2Law
    (of an accused person) not yet subjected to a trial in court.

    • ‘An untried prisoner shall be allowed to wear his own clothing if it is clean and suitable.’
    • ‘As if that were not enough, it keeps its eye on the fate of political prisoners and other untried detainees in 65 countries and runs 16 major hospitals in Africa and Asia.’
    • ‘Thousands had been languishing there, untried, for several years and few could expect a trial in the country's hard-stretched courts any time in the next twenty to thirty years.’
    • ‘The real irony of the situation at Barlinnie is that untried, unconvicted prisoners face the worst conditions.’
    • ‘His figures more likely referred to the number of untried prisoners; remands, however, include people who are convicted but awaiting sentence, many of whom will not end up with a custodial penalty.’
    untested, unestablished, new
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