Definition of untraversable in US English:



  • Impossible to travel across or through.

    ‘an untraversable six-lane stream of traffic’
    • ‘The front entrance to the Daily Planet was untraversable, the great bronze doors jammed beyond any hope of opening by the collapse of the stone jamb overhead.’
    • ‘At that moment I believed Oliver and I stood on opposite sides of an untraversable chasm.’
    • ‘There is an electric train which took us 5km into the caves but the untraversable and most breath-taking part we saw on foot.’
    • ‘Once the Americas were kept separated from Europe, not by vast and untraversable distances, but by belief in vast and untraversable distances.’
    • ‘The weather had gotten bad enough to make the roads untraversable.’
    blocked, closed, obstructed, impenetrable
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