Definition of untraveled in US English:


(British untravelled)


  • 1(of a person) not having traveled much.

    • ‘This construction of a new world order comes from a naïive and untraveled President, emboldened in his ignorance by advisors who have been plotting an aggressive Pax Americana ever since the Soviet bloc's collapse.’
    • ‘Many of the young people are quite untravelled and unsophisticated, and have very limited horizons.’
    • ‘Monolingual, untraveled, and rather lost, Julia is taken in by Malcolm and becomes the catalyst for a not wholly unpredictable revelation.’
    • ‘A native untravelled Scot would rather be right then rich, whereas many of the best leaders can be both.’
    • ‘To be honest, it's left me feeling a little second-rate, a little less than cosmopolitan, a little untravelled and - even though I hate to admit it - dull.’
    unexplored, uncharted, unmapped, untravelled, undiscovered, virgin
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    1. 1.1 (of a road or region) not journeyed along or through.
      ‘an unknown and untraveled wilderness’
      • ‘As the sun began to set we drove home along lanes as yet untravelled by myself, little places I have always meant to go but in the day to day of life have never yet managed.’
      • ‘Here again, the snowshoers deliberately chose to traverse an untravelled route on fresh snow that had covered up evidence that this was already domesticated land.’
      • ‘It is the way of the young to sometimes seek untravelled paths.’
      • ‘It is the first indication of awareness that there just might be some common, if as yet untraveled, grounds to proceed along.’
      • ‘When in Angola, do not enter the forest, or the fields, or walk by the side of the roads, or walk along the many roads that have been untraveled for years.’
      • ‘Ahead of us lies 27 km of pristine, sparkling and largely untravelled water.’
      • ‘After doing roles that even junior actors would hesitate to accept, Kamal has chosen the untravelled path in real life too.’
      • ‘However, while the untraveled road remains shrouded in mystery in the real world, movies like The Family Man enjoy parting the fog and giving their characters a glimpse of what they have missed.’