Definition of untranslated in US English:



  • 1(of words or text) not having their sense expressed in another language.

    ‘a nine-volume work, as yet untranslated from the Icelandic’
    • ‘They found that UK MNEs operating in Malaysia generally presented untranslated versions of the text of their ‘corporate visual identities’ or ‘CVI’.’
    • ‘This book also offers volumes of valuable and previously untranslated French texts, and it must be commended for its almost flawless understanding of the complex nuances of French colloquialisms.’
    • ‘It is to be hoped that this material will not forever remain untranslated.’
    • ‘It's comparable to the strategy adopted by writers like him in using untranslated native words in literature written in English.’
    • ‘Many more passages remain untranslated due to the difficulty in deciphering the mysterious language of the Chronicles’
    • ‘A University of Michigan undergraduate student found some untranslated papyri in the university vault.’
    • ‘He is most unlikely to have known this work directly: it was untranslated at the time and indeed remains so.’
    • ‘In leaving the term Ho Chi Kuei untranslated in her text, she signifies the cultural distinctiveness and the nature of Chinese American experience.’
    • ‘There are numerous published geological references on this area, but they are primarily in untranslated Chinese journals that are, not surprisingly, uncommon in most Western libraries.’
    • ‘Orthodoxy prevailed everywhere; by plundering untranslated foreign works, Spanish scholars built up reputations that were unassailable, since there was no free discussion of ideas.’
    • ‘His report says the Crown Office left the Chhokars in the dark by failing to provide an interpreter, and sending the Chhokars untranslated letters full of legal jargon.’
    • ‘The word occurred nowhere else in the Bible or other ancient literature, which no doubt is why King James's panel of translators left the word untranslated.’
    • ‘It conjures up a middle-class urban Indian world with precise and loving evocations of place and setting - complete with a litany of untranslated Bengali words - and this it does extremely well.’
    • ‘In view of all of the above, the present essay will simply use the untranslated terms Ioudaios and Ioudaioi as both nouns and adjectives.’
    • ‘In this book, the number of untranslated words is small, and in each case I think the clear context in which they are used will help the reader understand them.’
    • ‘Between three and seven untranslated excerpts from contemporary texts, however, accompany each chapter.’
    • ‘It does exhibit sedulous authorial research and reveling in recondite lore - some of it in various untranslated Afghan languages, though these passages are hardly more annoying than those in English.’
    • ‘We who depend on them for getting to know the literature of other parts of India would rather there weren't untranslated lumps of opacity in the text.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the demand for the fifth Potter instalment in Germany is so great that it has become the first untranslated book to top the German bestseller list.’
    • ‘Each segment of the show is also introduced with a title screen sporting a colorful background and unreadable, untranslated text.’
    1. 1.1 (of a sequence of nucleotides in messenger RNA) not converted to the amino acid sequence of a protein or polypeptide during synthesis.
      • ‘The open boxes indicate coding sequences and shaded boxes represent the untranslated sequences.’
      • ‘However, because the untranslated sequences of the importin 1 and 2 transgenes differ by only 7 nucleotides, it is unlikely that they are differentially translated.’
      • ‘For Zpr1 and the RING finger gene, protein coding sequence is shaded dark gray, and untranslated sequence is shaded light gray.’
      • ‘The building block cost for mRNA includes the nucleotides for an untranslated region and a polyA tail with empirically observed lengths.’
      • ‘Protein-coding sequence is represented by the darker filled areas, and untranslated sequence is represented by lighter shaded areas.’