Definition of untraditional in US English:



  • Not existing in or as part of a tradition; not customary or long-established.

    ‘a distinctly untraditional, ten-story building’
    • ‘Then again, Rogers might say, theological ‘convergence’ may well demand using theological tradition in untraditional ways.’
    • ‘This is certainly untraditional, but the casting responds to deep chords in the text.’
    • ‘Like many contributors to the Kimel volume, feminist liturgists often appeal to tradition in a deeply untraditional way.’
    • ‘But he warned that interviewing candidates for entry should be ruled out as it might militate against untraditional medical students.’
    • ‘So begins a wholly untraditional murder mystery in which her neighbours on Wisteria Lane try to discover why a seemingly contented woman would do such a ghastly thing.’
    • ‘The style of the book was untraditional, the narrator using slang and colloquial turns of phrase.’
    • ‘Now, coinciding with his soundtrack for the upcoming film, American Psycho, he has released a literary look at his life that's as untraditional as any of his recordings.’
    • ‘One example of an entirely untraditional way of doing business: the company had two relatively poor, single women who wanted it to build houses for them, but no matter how the budget was pared they could not find quite enough money.’
    • ‘As we've moved from rhetoric about family ‘liberation’ to actual experiments with visible results, the bloom has gone off the romance for untraditional families.’
    • ‘The Slamdance Film Festival audience award winner for best documentary feature, The Real Dirt on Farmer John is a colorful story of a traditional Midwestern farm run by a rather untraditional farmer.’
    • ‘Bahamians need access to business loans, lines of credit and the traditional and untraditional ways of temporarily accessing funds that they don't have.’
    • ‘The untraditional venue is just one more thing that sets this show apart.’
    • ‘But what I saw in my four years at Yale was a community devoted to strengthening traditional values in untraditional but still romantic and successful ways.’
    • ‘The resulting piano duos are effective, referencing their sources but with a new, complex postmodern voice that moves in untraditional harmonies and rhythms.’
    • ‘Midnight is a fairly untraditional hour to do an interview, but as I begin to speak with the HIM founder, I realize he's a bit of an odd-bird.’
    • ‘Needless to say, for children of such untraditional households, appeals to the tradition of the stay-at-home mom and the full-time working dad can't help but sound like a call to innovation.’
    • ‘He said the stage set was simple and was done in a manner that enabled the group to perform even in places that included untraditional artistic venues.’
    • ‘The Monte Cristo, a bacon and cheese sandwich dipped in egg, is slightly untraditional - it's served on thick cut bread with back bacon - but it was also really good.’
    • ‘Even the most traditional-looking boardroom tables can hide some very untraditional electronics.’
    • ‘It is widely acknowledged that the war against terror is an untraditional conflict, a war that will not be won on a battlefield but rather through the effective analysis of intelligence.’