Definition of untraceable in US English:



  • Unable to be found, discovered, or traced.

    ‘many use false addresses and are untraceable’
    • ‘They also point out that these drivers are unaccountable and untraceable promoting fears that it's only a matter of time before someone has a serious accident or another young person goes missing in Carlow with no recourse to the law.’
    • ‘Forensic evidence has shown that at least one of the bombs was detonated remotely via an untraceable prepaid mobile phone.’
    • ‘In other words, user's expenditures by credit card can be traced while cash payments are untraceable.’
    • ‘With dozens of blogging sites to pick from, a teen could choose to be faceless, anonymous and almost untraceable by the people closest to them.’
    • ‘Tests showed the toxin was taken orally, and was likely slipped into something that he ate or drank, he said, suggesting that whoever was responsible may have thought it untraceable.’
    • ‘He said that for a long time Bulgaria has had very good printing houses and very well-trained printers, and this was one of the reasons for the almost untraceable fake banknotes made in Bulgaria.’
    • ‘This system would allow for untraceable money transfers.’
    • ‘The Brothers said the commission's findings would be ‘unsafe’ following the decision that deceased, infirm or untraceable members will not escape naming and shaming.’
    • ‘The entire film is driven by a suggestive, haunting economy: the idea that it is tracing something untraceable.’
    • ‘The flooding of our domestic market with cheap untraceable beef represents a threat to consumers as a whole as well as our tourism and catering industries.’
    • ‘He started to receive untraceable phone calls in the night.’
    • ‘Its alleged aim was to snap up diamonds, which was easily convertible and untraceable, after the US froze al-Qaeda bank accounts and other conventional assets worldwide in 1999.’
    • ‘The illegal drivers are totally untraceable and accountable.’
    • ‘After a series of brazen heists earlier this year, where cigarettes and tobacco were the only things stolen, police concluded organized gangs couldn't resist the quick profits reaped from selling a virtually untraceable product.’
    • ‘Was he given an untraceable poison to which his French doctors had no antidote?’
    • ‘We also pushed them to fight against the vast amounts of untraceable, unlabeled non EU beef which is finding its way onto retail and wholesale markets.’
    • ‘In the meantime, more than 10m in stolen notes did not have their serial numbers recorded and could prove untraceable.’
    • ‘Working from brothels and private apartments, marketed and booked by internet and untraceable mobile phones, these non-national women have no links with the community, no one to notice their arrival or disappearance, and no one to care.’
    • ‘The latter process is the more contentious because of fears that the foreign gene could cause an allergic reaction that would be untraceable to the genetic modification since GMOs are neither labeled nor tracked.’
    • ‘Vexed about losing his working visa and returning to his homeland a failure, he concocts Leela, an untraceable computer virus named after his favourite Bollywood starlet.’