Definition of untitled in US English:



  • 1(of a book, composition, or other artistic work) having no name.

    • ‘The untitled project will be co-produced by BBC Films, which also part-financed Match Point, as part of a new package that may include a Doctor Who feature.’
    • ‘The romance writer signed a two-book deal with her at Avon trade paperbacks for What a Fool Believes and a second untitled book.’
    • ‘Another contemporary art reference occurs here, in an untitled work; blocks of yellow and green stripes separated by black hark back to Sol LeWitt's early grid patterns.’
    • ‘The untitled volume lay undisturbed for more than 150 years and was found during a clear-out.’
    • ‘Audrey hopes to launch that second, as yet untitled, book next year and is currently researching further projects which will, she hopes, lead to a long career in the world of print.’
    • ‘Taken between 1910 and 1960, many of the untitled and anonymous images are contact prints and, as such, small enough to fit in the hand.’
    • ‘He is currently working on a book, untitled as yet, which will focus on the leadership development of historic individuals and how their efforts compare and contrast to the modern world.’
    • ‘In that sense I believe everyone knows a lot about art instinctively, and that's why all my work is untitled and there's no artist's statement.’
    • ‘The tableau recalls his untitled work of 2001 that also features a white buck, rubbing the velvet from his rack against a polyurethane cast of a Persian rug.’
    • ‘On one large, untitled work made from MDF and moulded plywood, a painted beam of light - as if refracted through a prism - seems to shine from one corner to another.’
    • ‘Desi the Bali elephant paints an untitled work of art.’
    • ‘An untitled work of 1962 is composed of overlapping triangles and rectangular bands of thick, fleshy paint which bulges over the edges as if it might slide right off the canvas.’
    • ‘An untitled work from 1948 looked as though a young artist in Williamsburg could have painted it last week.’
    • ‘Her untitled work, made from mixed media on aluminium, is one of seven up-and-coming artists' works on view at the Form Gallery's group summer exhibition.’
    • ‘Harry looks around at the old, moldy, untitled, creepy books, and is frightened.’
    • ‘My new book, still untitled, is a book about security.’
    • ‘An untitled work from 1974, measuring 7 by 3 1/2 by 134 inches, was shown at the Serralves.’
    • ‘In his untitled work from 2000, the artist runs around and around a room full of Victorian-era paintings in the Leeds City Art Gallery.’
    • ‘Many of the works are officially untitled, using the non-title to mark their place in a modernist tradition of free-standing, anti-functional art photography.’
    • ‘Two untitled narrow white vertical compositions from around 1959 at Dia have even less representational reference.’
    unnamed, unidentified, anonymous, incognito, unspecified, unacknowledged, uncredited
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  • 2(of a person) not having a title indicating high social or official rank.

    ‘lesser untitled officials’
    • ‘Rather, they cook and eat on separate fires, she at the front (with women, children and untitled men) and he at the rear of the hut.’
    • ‘It was a brief revolt, but it led her to marry the untitled captain and a remarkable insistence that their children Peter and Zara would not receive titles.’
    • ‘Two men in cotton field costume, blacked up and gloved, paraded foolishly behind a third, as equally painted about the face, but dressed up fancier than any untitled lord you'd meet up in Washington at that time.’
    • ‘You're the daughter of untitled gentry, holding little to no social status.’
    • ‘The great Hungarian grandmaster used to complain that even an untitled master could calculate better than he could.’