Definition of untied in US English:



  • Not fastened or knotted.

    • ‘That left Alabama, the two-time defending champion, as the nation's only unbeaten, untied team.’
    • ‘I managed to yelp an endearment to the dirty blonde, trying to manage three bags, a coat, and untied shoes all while running towards school.’
    • ‘She ran her hand through her untied hair in frustration.’
    • ‘Watch for an impressive, sombre solo done with untied pointe shoes.’
    • ‘Naturally this all appeared strange to her when it was accompanied by his white T-shirt, worn jeans and untied sneakers.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the Universe likes to laugh at my expense so of course I managed to trip over an untied shoe lace and did a face plant onto the driveway.’
    • ‘This activity requires a single untied Raccoon Circle, stretched into a straight line.’
    • ‘As he was waiting he noticed his shoe was untied.’
    • ‘Christa offered her daughter a snack then turned to Liz as her daughter raced back inside, untied laces and pigtails flapping.’
    • ‘Bruising had already started to form on his arms and on his feet were his Puma sneakers, with one very incriminating untied shoelace.’
    • ‘The career that resulted shoots him all over the shop like an untied balloon.’
    • ‘Her untied braid was coming free, the ends hanging loosely.’
    • ‘She comes flying down in her bathrobe and untied sneakers; he's still buttoning his shirt.’
    • ‘He beat everyone by 100-plus yards - and, I swear to you, his shoes were untied.’
    • ‘A single untied shoelace, one feels, could provoke a major tragedy.’
    • ‘By the time I came into the living room, Susannah was lying down on the couch with her jacket half-on and her untied shoes on the wrong feet.’
    free, on the loose, loose, set loose, at large, unconfined, roaming
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