Definition of unthinkingness in US English:



  • See unthinking

    • ‘A certain amount of instability, of recklessness, of unthinkingness may be pardonable in youth, but the years should have brought their wisdom.’
    • ‘Please put it down to momentary unthinkingness.’
    • ‘But there is an art to this, and it is the antithesis of the unthinkingness that propagates the clichés in the first place.’
    • ‘In this unthinkingness, in this damned egoistic impressionism, lurks a sinister bureaucracy of thought suppressing all healthy, deviant impulses - namely, congruency between image and sound.’
    • ‘Why, 40,000 years ago, did we suddenly emerge from literally millions of years of primordial unthinkingness, to become the geniuses who are ‘ruling the planet’ today?’