Definition of unthinkingly in US English:



  • See unthinking

    • ‘We moderns tend to unthinkingly equate the quest for verisimilitude with the quest for historical accuracy, yet here it clearly is intended to serve the heart, and not the head.’
    • ‘Controlled and coerced by authority and media, the individual either accepts the message blindly and unthinkingly, or reacts creatively and critically because he understands dominance.’
    • ‘You're so happy with the friendly and attentive service you've received that you unthinkingly tip 20%, or more, and search for the eye of your waiter and exchange with them a hearty goodbye.’
    • ‘A particularly good chapter on Asia rebukes anyone who unthinkingly assigns to China the role once played by the Soviet Union as the natural antagonist of the U.S.’
    • ‘But this might cause the millions of British people who unthinkingly place substantial amounts into their pension schemes every month a shock when the day of expected leisure finally arrives.’