Definition of unthanked in US English:



  • Without receiving thanks.

    ‘the women's kind gesture did not go unthanked’
    • ‘‘Police work often goes unthanked, but this initiative is a clear statement that the work of Lismore police is appreciated and not unnoticed,’ he said.’
    • ‘If anybody is left unthanked, that is my fault and certainly not Wayne's fault.’
    • ‘As Coventre has fed me, unthanked and almost unvisited over these many years, so shall I now feed it, nor let any man, even onto my husband, harry it.’
    • ‘The Blue Witch Party is very aware that many things that occur within our society do so due to the tireless, and often unappreciated and unthanked, efforts of volunteers.’
    • ‘But, for Marr, he is likely to go unthanked for ‘being right’ because his critics are only human.’
    • ‘People cancelled leave or returned from holidays, arriving unbidden and, for a few days, unthanked.’
    • ‘They also scored neck-and-neck for their unthanked roles in two of the year's quirkier films.’
    • ‘He, for example, blamed the UN for the ‘Black Hawk Down’ incident in Somalia, even though that was an operation conducted without informing the UN forces, which, unthanked to this day, rescued the survivors.’