Definition of untenability in US English:



  • See untenable

    • ‘His comment is instructive as to the untenability of the concept ‘extrinsic reward.’’
    • ‘The Second World War had proven both the untenability of absolute pacifism and the horrendous price war exacts as a way of resolving disputes.’
    • ‘The Great Patriotic War confirmed the untenability of what was in effect prefatory organization of field headquarters of fronts on the basis of military district headquarters.’
    • ‘I am including a number of Catholic leaders on the distribution of this message in the hope that that some of them may be able to add weight to my arguments regarding the untenability of your current relationship with the Tenet organization.’
    • ‘Rather, such deviation should be preceded by an exposition of the untenability of traditional claims, and be based on good rational argument.’