Definition of unteach in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Cause (someone) to forget something learned previously.

    ‘I'll have a problem unteaching them but you don't know anything so you have nothing to unlearn’
    • ‘By watching snakes, Polyidus goes on to divine a way to bring the boy back to life, teaches him his mantic art, and then, as he is leaving Crete, unteaches him by getting him to spit into his mouth.’
    • ‘I would have to have untaught myself to have learned what I have learned.’
    • ‘He untaught her all that her mother tried to teach.’
    1. 1.1 Remove (something previously known or taught) from a person's mind.
      ‘once the idea takes hold, it's impossible to unteach it’
      • ‘When folly is once taught, it is very difficult to unteach it.’
      • ‘‘Much effort will be given to unteaching that which is not true,’ he wrote acerbically.’
      • ‘The claim is that in use, The Putting Arc will quickly teach correct body movements, while at the same time ‘unteaching’ ingrained bad ones.’
      • ‘The unexpected failure to find WMD, coupled with exaggerated but real post-war difficulties, have caused enough erosion of public domestic support for our efforts to ‘unteach’ the lessons of our victory.’
      • ‘If Christ had been incarnated as a woman, these lessons would have been untaught.’