Definition of unsymmetrically in US English:



  • See unsymmetrical

    • ‘The use of other new analogs, such as the unsymmetrically substituted analogs mentioned above, could shed light on such issues.’
    • ‘It was built unsymmetrically because he wrote on the plans; they were redesigned around his scrawl because nobody had the courage to rub it out.’
    • ‘By attaching differing substituent groups, some of which are water soluble and some of which are fat soluble, an unsymmetrically substituted phthalocyanine is created which is both water and fat soluble.’
    • ‘The use of an unsymmetrically substituted analog (highlighted with the shaded atoms at C2,3, in Fig.6) could provide the necessary evidence.’
    • ‘Three unsymmetrically substituted polyamine analogues demonstrate significant and selective antitumor effects.’