Definition of unsusceptible in US English:



  • 1Not likely or liable to be influenced or harmed by a particular thing.

    ‘infants are relatively unsusceptible to infections’
    • ‘These patterns suggest the existence of both inherent susceptibility and resistance, but also underscore the ability of S. mansoni to adapt to and acquire previously unsusceptible species as hosts.’
    • ‘More importantly, being rich doesn't make them unsusceptible to problems every family faces.’
    • ‘Without Chelex, nicking may also involve a second mechanism that is relatively unsusceptible to radical quenching-perhaps via the formation of chromophores that may directly initiate DNA cleavage with UV-A excitation.’
    • ‘He has the power to make hearts beat faster, time move at a slower pace and, for the unsusceptible, flesh creep.’
    • ‘Suicide terrorists are not some other breed of men, unsusceptible to the usual tools of statecraft.’
    • ‘However, he was not unsusceptible to those dark powers which amassed now against his soul.’
    • ‘The life of men, of the beasts of the field, of the earth itself seemed destined to revolve in an everlasting cycle, a natural cycle, unsusceptible to the changes of time.’
    • ‘The classic example of a public good is a lighthouse: unlike a private good, the benefits of the lighthouse are joint and, once produced, are unsusceptible to exclusion.’
    • ‘Since toddlers are largely unsusceptible to cease-and-desist letters, it fell to the cassette makers to stop abetting the kids' illegal behavior.’
    • ‘Romantic relationships have been presumed unsusceptible to a structure of rules, perhaps because of the widespread belief that love is the most intimate and idiosyncratic of human emotions.’
    • ‘Those who proved themselves unsusceptible to bribery were murdered.’
    • ‘Such alterations are inherently unsusceptible to quantitative measurement or prediction.’
    • ‘Now we have a ghastly split between the mundane, apparently unsusceptible to any form of artistic transfiguration, and pure music whose splendour and misery are that it is uncontaminated by reality.’
    resistant, not subject, not liable, not vulnerable, not open, not exposed
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  • 2unsusceptible ofpredicative Not capable or admitting of.

    ‘their meaning is unsusceptible of analysis’
    • ‘We cannot pronounce them unsusceptible of civilization since even apes have been taught to eat, drink, repose and dress like men.’