Definition of unsurmountable in US English:



  • Not able to be overcome; insurmountable.

    ‘unsurmountable problems’
    • ‘He then put together another double to extend his lead after the 8th frame to an unsurmountable 30 pins.’
    • ‘In the Catholic Church often they find unsurmountable rules.’
    • ‘Her actions have brought unsurmountable sadness and horror to those who survived the attack.’
    • ‘In a revealing letter to his nephew, after three years of marriage, he confessed to some problems, but denied that the complexities of married life were unsurmountable.’
    • ‘However, no problem is unsurmountable and with clever diplomacy they can wriggle out of an intended Italy/Russia attack.’
    • ‘‘If that is the only obstacle to achieving the regulation I mentioned earlier, then the president doesn't see any unsurmountable difficulties in resolving this issue,’ he replied.’
    • ‘These standards - especially the last one - are very high and seem to be unsurmountable in most cases.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the question remains whether an exponent of 0.72 presents an unsurmountable difficulty for stochastic models as they claim.’
    • ‘And all that lot beat unsurmountable odds in their fight for victory, so maybe we have a chance.’
    • ‘It runs into unsurmountable conflicts between the political project to which it is committed and the lures of its Gothic aesthetics.’
    • ‘Whilst conceding one goal against the elements wouldn't be unsurmountable when the teams changed ends, two would leave a lot of chasing and that's exactly how it turned out to be as Mitchell's increased their lead in the 35th minute.’
    • ‘Behind her rose more forest, followed by mountains, all high and unsurmountable.’
    • ‘He slumped in his chair, drained by the unsurmountable odds stacked against him.’
    • ‘He certainly wishes to get across the message that any side-effects problems hopefully are not unsurmountable.’
    • ‘The breakdown of the peace process was blamed entirely on him, whose ‘intransigence’ was ‘support for terrorism’ and made him an unsurmountable obstacle to peace.’