Definition of unsurfaced in US English:



  • (of a road or path) not provided with a durable finished upper layer.

    ‘impassable stretches developed in unsurfaced roads by mid-winter’
    • ‘Set in acres of olive groves and fruit orchards and reached by an unsurfaced road, it was tucked away with only a handful of locals knowing where to find it.’
    • ‘North Yorkshire County Council and the National Park Park Authority want to use Traffic Regulation Orders in an attempt to prevent further damage to the unsurfaced tracks and reduce disturbance to other users.’
    • ‘People who have seen the damage that motorbikes and 4x4s have done by using these unsurfaced tracks will find the Government's proposal entirely reasonable.’
    • ‘On the down side though is the fact that, in the Highlands, many of the roads are unsurfaced: gravel roads like you find in the more remote parts of New Zealand.’
    • ‘The road was now a stony, unsurfaced single track that had been hewn out of the sheer mountainside, hundreds of metres above the valley floor.’
    • ‘Householders on Cavendish Street claim the unsurfaced road is hazardous for both cars and pedestrians.’
    • ‘This includes roads and stone tracks as well as the many, but not all, unsurfaced tracks which can be driven on as designated byways or rights of way.’
    • ‘The road network causes localised environmental damage in outback SA regions, principally due to its interference of the natural drainage system and the exposure of unsurfaced roads.’
    • ‘With about 9 000 kilometres of surfaced roads and 2 000 kilometres of unsurfaced roads, the Johannesburg Roads Agency has its work cut out.’
    • ‘The roads just a stone's throw from the international airport in Lusaka, Zambia's capital city, are unsurfaced and potholed on the way into the city.’
    • ‘The law will, in effect, ban trail bikes and other vehicles from the majority of unsurfaced roads that they have peacefully explored since the invention of the internal combustion engine at the turn of the last century.’
    • ‘Fed up residents living on a new housing estate in Devizes are calling for action after being left with unsurfaced roads and pavements.’
    • ‘An unsurfaced path, like a forestry track, cut away from the road behind a screen of trees to a large parking area.’
    • ‘PCA research on numerous projects in North America found excellent freeze-thaw durability on unsurfaced RCC pavements.’
    • ‘As a result, all forest footpath bridleways and unsurfaced roads between Coniston Water and the Hawkshead to Satterthwaite road, and a few others in the northern forests, will be closed during the event.’
    • ‘Roadways, many of them unsurfaced, total about 1.25 million miles.’
    • ‘Small, unsurfaced roads dipping through gullies and ravines are apt to get wiped out from flash flooding, and help in remote areas usually is slow in coming.’
    • ‘Horses drawing carts clip-clop along the unsurfaced roads and gypsy children run barefoot in hot pursuit.’
    • ‘Planners say there are concerns over extra traffic using the unsuitable unsurfaced Damems Lane.’
    • ‘These three miles include a 600-foot climb on loose gravel, unsurfaced and grass paths and at its steepest incline on the way up, even the most professional athlete slows to a walk.’