Definition of unsupervised in US English:



  • 1Not done or acting under supervision.

    ‘unsupervised visits’
    ‘a safe garden where children may play unsupervised’
    • ‘In a matter of weeks, he was back up on his feet (without diapers), taking morning walks supervised first then later unsupervised.’
    • ‘Children are fascinated by machinery in action and for young children to be left in vicinity of tractors unsupervised, even for a minute, can sometimes be a regret of a lifetime.’
    • ‘Just because the visits are called unsupervised does not mean somebody won't be watching.’
    • ‘Don't let your pup be unsupervised whether inside or outside the house.’
    • ‘He lost a bid to have weekly unsupervised visits with his parents.’
    • ‘During our on-site inspection, they wandered about with too much unsupervised free access in the detainee area.’
    • ‘An unsupervised visit to a leisure centre ended in tragedy when a girl aged eight was killed trying to cross one of Bradford's busiest roads.’
    • ‘On average, a doctor will see two temporary pacings and do two under supervision before being left unsupervised.’
    • ‘Why police officers alone need unsupervised access to such material is not clear.’
    • ‘Rectangles connected by two arrows indicate methods that can be implemented as supervised or unsupervised.’
    • ‘There are, additionally, 57 patients residing in community houses in the Carlow area, in supervised and unsupervised conditions.’
    • ‘Few randomised trials exist that directly compare supervised and unsupervised exercise training.’
    • ‘For example, the crew would run from place to place to tire out the minder, and then serve him buckets of tea to distract him so that a secondary film crew could be free to film unsupervised.’
    • ‘I have no clear idea how they did these unsupervised trials.’
    • ‘Longer working hours have combined with security fears which have made many parents reluctant to let children play unsupervised in the garden or visit public places without a harness.’
    • ‘The intention was to move from fully supervised to unsupervised access.’
    • ‘It's an impromptu exercise in unsupervised reconciliation, as well as an exploration of the evolving consequences of nomadic life in a sedentary society.’
    • ‘The first 3 months of the rehabilitation program were supervised, and the rest of the study was unsupervised.’
    • ‘The evidence is that all visits, including two unsupervised visits per week for a period of several months, went well.’
    • ‘The attorney asking the judge in Washington for longer unsupervised visits between he and his parents.’
    not responsible, unanswerable, not answerable, not liable
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    1. 1.1 (of a person) not watched over in the interest of their or others' security.
      ‘roaming, unsupervised youths pose a threat’
      • ‘The ability of unsupervised children to access this material is a huge concern for every single parent.’
      • ‘Crating a puppy or a recently adopted adult when he's unsupervised is a safety issue.’
      • ‘Pay attention to unattended, unsupervised children and watch them.’
      • ‘There are many dangers in a house for an unsupervised child.’
      • ‘When he questioned the centre's owner over the incident, she admitted the children were unsupervised for a short time.’