Definition of unsubtle in US English:



  • Not subtle; obvious; clumsy.

    ‘a grindingly unsubtle joke’
    • ‘It was increasingly difficult to ignore the subtle and unsubtle ways that Juno managers at all levels were screwing up.’
    • ‘Basically, I and my better half both felt that it was a staggeringly unsubtle rendering of themes far more subtly dealt with in films like Grosse Point Blank, and even the Incredibles.’
    • ‘He takes on the conservative American media on its own terms: shrill, unsubtle, sometimes cruel, not always accurate.’
    • ‘Mighty Times has its moments, but the too-clever-by-half style unsubtle style overwhelms and bludgeons its strong subject matter.’
    • ‘Mambo Italiano has its share of very funny moments, but they are trapped in a production whose drama is unsubtle, obvious, and at times downright insipid.’
    • ‘Honest and heartfelt though these sentiments may be, this sort of unsubtle, soapbox writing has no place in a work purporting to be serious literature.’
    • ‘Moreover, ask women who have served on hiring committees with men whether or not discrimination, subtle or unsubtle, occurs in searches.’
    • ‘The unsubtle way that this obvious tearjerker attempts to align us against the corporation is almost unbearable.’
    • ‘From Woolamaloo (not to be confused with the Sydney Surburb with a similar name), comes a few megabytes of extremely unsubtle double entendre.’
    • ‘The latter included a vast array outlining the horrors of both Japanese and American imperialism, with remarkably blunt and unsubtle titles.’
    • ‘Here many of his latter-day adherents do him a disservice, using unsubtle approximations of his logic to produce crude statements about power and language.’
    • ‘At the risk of making racist generalisations, why is it that Europeans and Americans are so clumsy and unsubtle and appear to be such galumphing oafs in diplomacy?’
    • ‘You strain to make this out through a thicket of orange loops that give a subtle texture and an unsubtle effervescence to the canvas, which looks ready to bounce off the wall.’
    • ‘Sometimes unsubtle, though also often very clever in their insidious subtleties, they voice the frustration many people have with mainstream politics.’
    • ‘They give us the broadest, roughest, most unsubtle guides imaginable.’
    • ‘Heavy-handed and unsubtle, it tends to detract annoyingly from, rather than enhance, changes in mood.’
    • ‘Love spells are on the whole rather unsubtle, heavy handed pieces of work and they're usually born out of desperation.’
    • ‘However, it will take discipline and imagination, as well as some pretty crude and unsubtle politics.’
    • ‘They can camouflage themselves as suave mandarins, defending their unsubtle attempts at censoring an international festival of documentary cinema.’
    • ‘This was popular among younger contributors, and was clean fun, though it may sound rather unsubtle to our older ears.’
    insensitive, inconsiderate, thoughtless, unthinking, indelicate, undiplomatic, impolitic, indiscreet, clumsy, heavy-handed, graceless, awkward, unpolished, inept, bungling, maladroit, gauche, undiscerning, unsophisticated
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