Definition of unsubstantially in US English:



  • See unsubstantial

    • ‘But in spite of the good intentions of the workers, the structure was unsubstantially and hastily constructed on low moist ground and without good cement.’
    • ‘The clamp member protrudes only unsubstantially above the beach surface, and its upper jaw has a rounded upper surface so that there will be little or no risk that it will be tripped over.’
    • ‘After selection, a series of Tantric rituals takes place in the secrecy of the back chambers of the Kumari palace, and the spirit of Taleju, which had been drifting around unsubstantially, is at last safely housed.’
    • ‘Reservations for restaurants and theatres, particularly those in large department stores increased unsubstantially during this period.’
    • ‘The economy generated less than 60,000 jobs in November when the market had been expecting a unsubstantially higher figure of 150,000.’