Definition of unstylish in US English:



  • Not elegant, fashionable, or stylish.

    • ‘He was wardrobe was very unstylish and looked filthy.’
    • ‘Dim-witted because education held no escape, unstylish because poverty stalks the abused, these people are the spat out remains of a horrid meal.’
    • ‘But when minivans became tagged as the unstylish choice of soccer moms, sales eroded to about 1.1 million a year.’
    • ‘Bland, boring, unstylish and badly cut - that is the verdict of fashion experts on the colourful uniforms designed for staff and volunteers at Manchester's Commonwealth Games.’
    • ‘He doesn't help much with determining proportions for mirrors or what to do with our almost aggressively unstylish house.’
    • ‘But Atkins is so last year, so unbelievably unstylish and obvious.’
    • ‘This is the moment where the unstylish victim is forced to try on all the awful clothes she brought to New York, while the hosts exclaim that they can't imagine why anyone would buy such schlock.’
    • ‘When I waved goodbye from entrance of the airport I wore unstylish clothes, glasses that had never looked good on me, and 15 pounds of weight I did not need.’
    • ‘It may sound childish or unstylish, but just remember: a bell will always be more stylish than a body cast or coffin.’
    • ‘The unstylish cut and the unpleasant colors give way to a totally unattractive piece of clothing.’
    • ‘The unstylish interior has remained unaltered and the laminated menus, populated by over a hundred items, are creased and dog-eared from passing through thousands of hungry hands.’
    • ‘All that mattered to them was my unstylish hair and my old-fashioned dresses and skirts.’
    • ‘He disapproved of her hanging about the Abbey, opposed her wish to study in Paris, (he eventually relented) and was more concerned about the effect her unstylish appearance might have on suitors than to her prospects as an artist.’
    • ‘She could be pretty if she tried, but she's just so plain, with her boring haircut and unstylish clothes.’
    • ‘Put on a thick pair of unstylish glasses, if you have them, and run some Pomade de Einstein through your hair.’
    • ‘They've gone a bit unstylish and they've lost that thing that makes them look so different - the low back and everything.’
    • ‘Bollywood fashions are no longer regarded as gaudy or unstylish, because there's top talent working behind the scenes.’
    • ‘He quickly ordered a whisky and soda while they were still popular, for he knew for a fact that they were on the cusp of being unstylish.’
    • ‘One wrong call, she thought, and the entire country was in danger of looking dowdy and unstylish.’
    • ‘Nokia's maiden voyage into the world of video cell phones comes in the form of a rather bulky, though not entirely unstylish MMS-equipped model, the 7650.’
    out of fashion, out of date, outdated, old-fashioned, outmoded, out of style, dated, behind the times, last year's, yesterday's, unpopular, superseded, archaic, obsolete, antiquated
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