Definition of unstuffed in US English:



  • Not containing stuffing.

    • ‘Since he had to remain in shape for his photo sessions, his family prepared two turkeys: one richly seasoned and another salt-free and unstuffed for their Russian guest.’
    • ‘Inside, the mounted menagerie includes a duck, a pheasant, a raccoon, a brown bear and a two-headed calf, who are kept company by three unstuffed but very old cats.’
    • ‘What was wrong with the old-fashioned, crusty, unstuffed pizza crust?’
    • ‘Even unstuffed, potato like, hollow waplaj was worth something.’
    • ‘The ballot boxes remained unstuffed and un-tampered-with.’
    • ‘A stuffed turkey may be traditional, but it carries a slightly higher risk of incubating harmful bacteria than an unstuffed one; moist dressing in a warm cavity is bacteria's ideal growth environment.’