Definition of unstrained in US English:



  • 1Not forced or produced by effort.

    ‘a lovely, warm unstrained smile’
    • ‘Above all, however, they worked outdoors, painting young girls from the neighbourhood in unstrained naked poses.’
    • ‘The absolute winner is the Elsa Schraeder of Jan, whose unstrained professionalism turns an unsympathetic secondary part into the show's single star turn.’
    • ‘She begged again, words more filled with pure, unstrained emotion than he had ever seen in a person before.’
    • ‘The unstrained passion and monumental energy of this work blows most contemporary political art out of the water.’
    • ‘Yes, it had been a long time since we last had an unstrained, uncomplicated talk.’
    • ‘‘Mother’ dispels the pall with a burst of wistfully playful pop, while ‘For Sheriff Allison’ trades in affected age for unstrained, deceptively simple folk.’
    • ‘All this in a country where many walk barefoot in winter, but their unstrained smiles reveal no discomfort.’
    • ‘It should also be noted that the acoustics in these establishments are, I suspect, scientifically engineered to maximize the audibility of regular, unstrained conversations.’
  • 2Not subjected or reacting to straining or stretching.

    • ‘The data below are derived from comparing cross-bridge-bearing shelf positions to their unstrained positions predicted by linear regression of the whole set of myosin shelves.’
    • ‘The deformation of the substratum due to the activity of the cell is measured using an optical flow-based algorithm that matches patterns of beads between the unstrained and strained fluorescent images.’
    • ‘The quartz grains are largely unstrained (mono-or polycrystalline), but minor ribboned quartz, characteristic of highly deformed terrains, is found as a significant detrital phase only in this member.’
    • ‘In the process of strain accumulation, the opposing sides of the fault are stressed until failure occurs, that is, sudden displacement takes place, and then they rebound back to an unstrained position.’
    • ‘Small quartz grains are unstrained, and notable for the abundance of tiny fluid inclusions, some with vapour bubbles.’
    • ‘Both values are within the range of lateral pressures postulated to arise from the lipid packing density that exists in natural membranes and unstrained bilayers.’
    • ‘The ESE-trending, sharply discordant and unstrained northern margins of the Mpuluzi batholith, in contrast, attest to the intrusion of the granites into the extensional sector of the dilational jog.’
    • ‘However, many of the samples contain both strained and unstrained quartz suggesting that some of the strain was inherited from the source area.’
    • ‘Quartz grains are generally unstrained, but prismatic and less common basal subgrains are present, giving a chessboard pattern of subgrains within some grains.’
    • ‘The bond angles in cyclohexane are 109.5 degrees, the regular unstrained tetrahedral angle.’
    • ‘The properties then are those of the original, unstrained metal, except as they are changed by differences in grain size and preferred orientation.’
    • ‘A tension is created that causes the coiling, intercalating network of matrix molecules to partially uncoil and straighten, restricting polymer motion and causing a more uniform conformation than in the unstrained matrix.’