Definition of unstintingly in US English:



  • See unstinting

    • ‘She said: ‘Since taking over as chairman in 1991 he has given unstintingly of his time and enthusiasm.’’
    • ‘And although she has never had children of her own, she works unstintingly for PACES, an innovative Sheffield school for pupils with cerebral palsy.’
    • ‘On behalf of the York branch I thank all our supporters and volunteers who gave their time so unstintingly during 2004 to enable the Alzheimer's Society to support those with dementia, and their carers, in the area.’
    • ‘Paul, a dignified and unassuming man who was named Volunteer of the Year, has worked unstintingly on behalf of people who have suffered the consequences of exposure to asbestos.’
    • ‘We're here under the guidance of Claire and Duncan, our unstintingly enthusiastic guides from the Dragoman Overland adventure tour company, in whose Mercedes Benz converted truck we plan to forge a 500-mile circular journey.’