Definition of unspotted in US English:



  • 1Not marked with spots.

    ‘it has an unspotted white throat’
    • ‘One day the purpose and the plan will shine in all its unspotted glory and wisdom.’
    • ‘The body of her whose virginity remained unspotted in childbirth, was preserved in its incorruption and was taken to a better place.’
    • ‘They differ about what is most worth preserving in a world of imperfect choices - economic growth or an unspotted landscape, American power or American purity - and thus what must be sacrificed in pursuit of the good energy society.’
    • ‘In her attiring room the great mirror stood intact in its frame of ivory, and the wicker chairs were arranged in precise symmetry on the unspotted floor.’
    • ‘Persons of the most unspotted character in private life have been seen to adopt unfair means to be successful in their schemes.’
    • ‘Some characters turn out to be better than we initially thought, some worse, but no character emerges unspotted.’
    • ‘Few happy days are entirely unspotted by melancholy.’
    • ‘Their victim status in murder mysteries does not mean that women enjoy unspotted reputations in railway crime fiction.’
    • ‘Shriver, an attractive young man with an unspotted record, could not make his case to primary voters in Maryland, who knocked off his bid for Congress.’
    • ‘Females produce a clutch of 9-13 light green unspotted eggs in an open but concealed nest on dry ground near a body of water.’
    • ‘For years Dorian lived in cruel joy; yet he kept the look of one unspotted by the world.’
    • ‘The pelvic fins similarly were unspotted and yellowish in ground colour, with a white leading edge, and either no black colour or a light, blackish smudge of colour proximally in some individuals.’
    • ‘The eastern cougar is a large, unspotted, long-tailed cat.’
    • ‘Maiden primarily means unspotted, unpolluted, and innocent; thus Hubert says to the king.’
    • ‘Parentals exhibiting either the spotted or unspotted phenotype, along with F 1 progeny, were used in a series of 29 crosses.’
    • ‘Their practical religion of caring for others and keeping themselves unspotted from the world was what I had seen and admired in my father.’
    • ‘He looked with curiosity at the girl standing quietly among her hysterical schoolmates in her unspotted white dress, and she returned his gaze calmly.’
    washed, scrubbed, cleansed, cleaned, polished
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  • 2Unnoticed.

    ‘the network of avian enthusiasts ensures that no rarity goes unspotted’
    • ‘Vickery was lucky to escape a caution following a high and late challenge on Traille, which went unspotted by Irish referee Alain Rolland but prompted a brief all-in skirmish.’
    • ‘He's probably in bed by now, we can leave unspotted.’
    • ‘But the majority of cases go unspotted and therefore remain untreated or poorly treated.’
    • ‘There exists an informal network among avian enthusiasts geared towards insuring that no rarity goes unspotted.’
    • ‘I was camouflaged amongst the benches and remained unspotted.’