Definition of unsportingly in US English:



  • See unsporting

    • ‘‘I won't tell your secrets, ‘says the title track, rather unsportingly.’
    • ‘The home team, meanwhile, had 14 players and, unsportingly, insisted on playing their full complement.’
    • ‘I was forced to admit that I've never actually poked an aardvark, due to the fact that they're always asleep, and unsportingly refuse to come out and be prodded.’
    • ‘Pembridge deserved the stick he got from the Bolton fans and players when he unceremoniously and unsportingly hoofed the ball out of play instead of offering possession back to the opposition.’
    • ‘Last Saturday morning, I parked the car, rather unsportingly, outside a Volvo dealership in Surrey, and for the 45 minutes I was there, nobody was particularly interested in buying a Volvo.’