Definition of unspiritual in US English:



  • Not spiritual; worldly.

    ‘the clergymen were deplorably unspiritual’
    • ‘On the other hand, ‘bitter envy and selfish ambition’ does not come from above, ‘but is earthly, unspiritual, devilish’.’
    • ‘There is nothing unspiritual in itself about gift-giving.’
    • ‘I know this is like, the most unspiritual conversation ever, but how about it?’
    • ‘Some astrologers claim that scientific research is impersonal or unspiritual or insensitive to deeper truths.’
    • ‘Why does Hashem feel the need to reassure Yaakov that land, one of the most unspiritual things, will be given to him?’
    • ‘If we can just get the great man to endorse Scottish tourism, we could make a very unspiritual mint.’
    • ‘Talk to the average parish priest or parishioner and they will tell you of falling numbers, unspiritual schoolchildren, struggles to raise money, initiatives which drain the heart and soul and usually achieve little or nothing.’
    • ‘Devout Catholics have at times been shabbily treated under laïcité, and many likely think the world it structures is arid and unspiritual.’
    • ‘These are all natural assumptions of unspiritual men whose minds are darkened to God's word.’
    • ‘Wiles's work led to future studies which attempted to understand heresy as a system of religious thought rather than ‘a lifeless system of unspiritual pride and hard unlovingness.’’
    • ‘The Bible puts it this way: ‘The unspiritual person doesn't accept the things of the Spirit of God; to him they are foolish and he can't understand them because they are spiritually understood‘.’
    • ‘I am not a cynical, unspiritual atheist that believes only in what she can see.’
    • ‘If we doubted what we saw or seemed to question authority, we were seen as rebels, unsaved, or just plain unspiritual.’
    • ‘This idea of legalizing shame in the name of God seems very unspiritual, even deeply unreligious to millions of Americans.’
    • ‘So that's where I am, that's why this blog has become decidedly unspiritual after a few months of frantic spiritual searching.’
    • ‘It is neither anti-religion nor unspiritual to vigorously oppose such distortions.’
    • ‘Seed to plant, boy to man, girl to woman, tadpole to frog, caterpillar to butterfly, bud to blossom - these common transitions drive even the most unspiritual types among us to utter words like ‘mystery’ and ‘miracle.’’
    • ‘I think they're idea contains the nasty meme that desire and lust are somehow wrong, bad or even worse - unspiritual!’
    • ‘Communalism implies an unspiritual and irreligious alliance between the religious and political establishments that flouts every spiritual value that we cherish.’
    earthly, terrestrial, temporal, mundane, mortal, human, non-spiritual, material, materialistic, physical, tangible, carnal, fleshly, bodily, corporeal, gross, sensual, base, sordid, vile, profane
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