Definition of unspectacular in US English:



  • Not spectacular; unremarkable.

    ‘she had been an unspectacular student’
    • ‘Instead, it's a slickly professional operation, producing good pizza in unspectacular but pleasant surroundings’
    • ‘All in all, a constantly entertaining show - solid but unspectacular.’
    • ‘Their first single, Life in a Day, made it to a fairly unspectacular 62 in the UK charts, and it was to be a few more years before their fortunes changed.’
    • ‘The weather scuppered the viewing of the winter solstice sunset from Maeshowe on Tuesday, with low cloud and rain making for an unspectacular event.’
    • ‘Average shareholder returns over the past 10 years were a respectable, if unspectacular 8%.’
    • ‘They are soon enjoying an unspectacular affair of the kind seen in third-rate novels and, often, in real life.’
    • ‘As such, another year of unspectacular gains is forecast.’
    • ‘He has made an impressive, if unspectacular start to his term of office and he strikes me as someone who will be very fair and thorough over his dealing with issues.’
    • ‘Yet even these unspectacular results have considerable significance.’
    • ‘In a game when City were solid if unspectacular, the fans who travelled to Southend would have been forgiven for not being over enthusiastic.’
    • ‘As it is, the programme's loose, safe and profoundly unspectacular definition of culture risks pleasing nobody in an attempt to please everyone.’
    • ‘The real surprise though is how unspectacular the programme is.’
    • ‘Those looking for unspectacular but solid returns could consider the equity income sector as an option.’
    • ‘In fact I had a mostly unspectacular childhood with no broken bones and countless cuts and bruises in your average middle class nuclear family.’
    • ‘However, Inverness toiled to make their victory a certainty but the second goal 13 minutes from the end was an unspectacular affair.’
    • ‘It is a typical example of cost effective film making bringing correspondingly unspectacular results.’
    • ‘A character actor may also be a faithful husband; both are steady, if unspectacular jobs.’
    • ‘But if you really want to know, the playing is fine: solid, if unspectacular.’
    • ‘After putting out a couple of unspectacular albums, she spent much of the 1980s waitressing and working in a record store.’
    • ‘The only other scores of a hard-fought, if unspectacular affair, arrived in the opening 13 minutes of the second half.’
    unremarkable, unexceptional, undistinguished, uneventful, unmemorable, inconspicuous
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