Definition of unspecialized in US English:


(British unspecialised)


  • Not specialized.

    • ‘Yet the cultivation of such wisdom seems curiously lacking in many of our degree programmes - partly because there is so little space on the curriculum to consider simple unspecialised questions.’
    • ‘Most of them were untrained, unaffiliated, unspecialized writers whose common trait was a fascination with the idea of America.’
    • ‘She quickly decided that the petioles, the little stems that connect a leaf blade to a twig, looked most promising as a source of unspecialized tissue.’
    • ‘Stem cells are unspecialised cells that are able to replicate and can be influenced by their environment to take on specialised properties.’
    • ‘Early embryos are potentially a better source because all their cells are still unspecialised.’
    • ‘Many kingfishers are unspecialized carnivores that are often largely insectivorous, and may take prey from the ground, the air, water or foliage.’
    • ‘Maybe we're still so unspecialized for the task of running that selective breeding could accomplish this.’
    • ‘The basic skills are relatively simple and unspecialised, allowing for mass participation.’
    • ‘The term ‘stem cells’ refers to a diverse group of primitive cells that are themselves relatively undifferentiated and unspecialized.’
    • ‘This negative advantage has spawned thousands of relatively unspecialised, high-paying jobs in the loosely-defined ‘IT sector’, alongside core IT jobs that are knowledge-intensive.’
    • ‘The unspecialized generalists were less successful than any of the specialists, so that the genetic link between the food specialists was quickly lost.’
    • ‘The first is that the distinction between craftsmen and merchants, professionals and gentry, or other combinations, is often a fine line in what was a relatively unspecialised economy.’
    • ‘The discovery smudges the common picture of sauropods as unspecialized, lumbering dinosaurs that used very long necks to munch away at any greenery in sight, including treetops.’
    • ‘The canines are long and sharp, the carnassials are usually well developed (but not secodont in a few species), and the incisors are unspecialized.’
    • ‘Scientists found that some snippets of leaves and other plant parts maintained in the laboratory could change into unspecialized plant cells.’
    • ‘After more than 6 months of unspecialised growth the cells retained the potential to form particular tissues.’
    • ‘But the select committees do not themselves examine legislation: this remains the province of the transient and unspecialized standing committees.’
    • ‘The first mammals, around 200 million years ago, were small, four-legged and relatively unspecialised.’
    • ‘That is an unspecialised city general hospital.’
    simple, crude, unrefined, basic, rudimentary, primitive, rough and ready, rough-hewn, make-do, cobbled together, undeveloped, homespun
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