Definition of unsparing in US English:



  • 1Merciless; severe.

    ‘he is unsparing in his criticism of the arms trade’
    • ‘While he is unsparing in his descriptions of the muddle, indecision and plain deceit in the preparation and conduct of the rising, he does communicate something of the small-scale grandeur of it all.’
    • ‘Though unsparing in his criticism of political adversaries, the former Chief Minister is adept at employing witty remarks and repartees to cushion the impact of his caustic remarks.’
    • ‘But Avedon went in another direction with his portrait work, shooting unsparing and often unflattering shots of subjects from Marilyn Monroe to Michael Moore.’
    • ‘The book is unsparing in revealing the grimness and horror of war, of the sudden loss of friends, of living under appalling conditions, of ‘trying to do what I could with a tourniquet of webbing on a youngster who had lost a leg’.’
    • ‘Self-criticism, cruel, unsparing criticism that goes to the very root of the evil is life and breath for the proletarian movement.’
    • ‘He accepted no excuses and could be unsparing when mistakes were made.’
    • ‘When he writes about himself, Brown is tough and unsparing.’
    • ‘He was a great support to this paper, helping to get it going in 1979, serving ever since on its editorial board, and above all contributing many exact, unsparing and funny pieces on poetry, on novels - and on football.’
    • ‘I'm going to be unsparing here, because I think any escort who works in such an unprincipled manner deserves trouble.’
    • ‘It is entirely proper that such a major work, with its unsparing criticisms, should provoke a response from within the establishment.’
    • ‘But Victorian County Court Judge, Graeme Crossley, was unsparing, describing Hopper's behaviour as a gross breach of trust of the entire Wesley College community.’
    • ‘Recriminations will be many, various and, in some quarters, unsparing after flickering hopes of reaching the World Cup play-offs were extinguished by Belarus.’
    • ‘They are unsparing in their criticism of the Socialist Party in its early years, before it broke definitively with a revolutionary orientation.’
    • ‘A huge mass of material has been organised into a clear, coherent narrative; it is well balanced between the serious politics and the intimate detail and is unsparing in its gruesome factual account of what it was like to be there.’
    • ‘Both were unsparing in their criticism of government and of the social organisations that held India in their vice-like grip.’
    • ‘Gentility is not the hallmark of Snyder's books: They're violent, unsparing and tough on both the reader and the characters.’
    • ‘His criticism of religion was unsparing, as was his contempt for those who pinned progressive hopes on it.’
    • ‘Lowe is unsparing in the book in her description of her husband - his morning ritual ‘inner cleansing’ that includes spitting and hawking - and his halting English.’
    • ‘Still, the wonder of this novel is Goodman's unsparing depiction of the failings of religion, even as she insists on its power to move and heal.’
    • ‘He is unsparing towards the imperfections of all religions, including his own, but remains committed to the path of Buddhism as a way of enlightenment.’
    merciless, pitiless, unpitying, ruthless, relentless, remorseless, unmerciful, unforgiving, implacable, uncompromising
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  • 2Given freely and generously.

    ‘she had won her mother's unsparing approval’
    • ‘The account of his marital infidelities, especially his affair with Assia Wevill in the early 1960s, is fair-minded and unsparing.’
    • ‘It is a matter of concern not only for parents, teachers and the Executive, but for everyone who values the civil society that generations of Scots created through their unsparing efforts.’
    • ‘He cannot be called that, but through his austerity, bearing, unwavering commitment and unsparing frankness he brought to his times a hint of the prophets of yore.’
    • ‘Club chairman Stephen Henry is well aware of the unsparing efforts of all involved in the club.’
    • ‘Given what is known now of Lange's state of mind at the time, Richard's only crime was to be unsparing with the truth.’
    • ‘Time and again, in prose unsparing and unsentimental, Liz has allowed readers a peek into her own mental health struggles.’
    ungrudging, unstinting, willingly given, free, free-handed, ready, beneficent, benevolent, big-hearted, kind-hearted, kind, unselfish
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