Definition of unsophisticatedly in US English:



  • See unsophisticated

    • ‘It sounds so unrealistically, unsophisticatedly direct - so lacking in politesse and not something that is actually done in the real world.’
    • ‘The voices were unsophisticatedly recorded with the sole backing of their own violões and a metronome, and the arrangements were added later in the studio.’
    • ‘They show how unsophisticatedly children of this age understand history, how fantasy and reality intermingle in their imaginations.’
    • ‘Do such clergy think their people are somehow unsophisticatedly simple and not up to it musically?’
    • ‘Similar to poker, one can play backgammon for money simply, unsophisticatedly just by tossing the dice and moving the checkers on the board.’