Definition of unsnap in US English:



[with object]
  • Unfasten or open with a brisk movement and a sharp sound.

    ‘he put the case on the table and unsnapped the clasps’
    • ‘Maru smiled slightly, unsnapping the flap of her bag and starting to dig through all of the random objects.’
    • ‘I pulled off one of the many ornaments from around my neck and unsnapped the clasp to release my lucky guitar pick I wore everywhere.’
    • ‘There are snaps on her outfit clearly visible, designed to be unsnapped.’
    • ‘Breathing a quiet sigh of relief as the woman to my left stood up, and left me space, I waited until she got her luggage before unsnapping my seat belt and standing up, stretching gratefully.’
    • ‘The large burly man leapt on top of the of the truck bed and unsnapped the locks on the box.’
    • ‘‘You're going to carry all that,’ says one of the other students as I unsnap my camera belt and sit down at the table.’
    • ‘At a table for four, two beautifully dressed mothers had unsnapped their toile-print duffel bags, which converted into baby seats for their infants.’
    • ‘To remove the holster simply unsnap and raise the holster out of the belt slide.’
    • ‘Indeed, moments later, the gentlemen would walk under a black tent set up for the camera monitors and unsnap the top of their waders, pointing themselves at the fan just so.’
    • ‘After the ball falls to the grass, Couch angrily unsnaps the chinstrap on his helmet and looks down.’
    • ‘He unsnapped the seat belt and got out, saying, ‘I'll be right back.’’
    • ‘She unsnapped the closure and twisted open the two halves.’
    • ‘‘It looks great,’ Emma breathed, unsnapping the seatbelt and leaping out of the Jeep.’
    • ‘He fiddled with the locks and unsnapped the catches.’
    • ‘She felt along the edges until she found the delicate wooden clasp and unsnapped it to push open the lid.’
    • ‘Accessing the four rear-mounted batteries is now as easy as pulling a nylon loop and unsnapping the seat cushion.’
    • ‘Once the chutes were secured, they unsnapped their harnesses and freed themselves completely from their rigs.’
    • ‘Afraid of a plunge into the canal that claimed the immigrants, I always unsnap my seatbelt and roll the window all the way down, this in broad daylight with no one shooting.’
    • ‘Bella unsnapped her binder and carefully took out a three-page report on the life cycle of a gazelle.’
    • ‘She unsnapped the flap of the gun's holster and smiled.’